Our Teaching Practice
     Our goal is to know each child as if he or she were our own. We often have a student in our care for more than one year, allowing us to form a fully committed relationship with each child. Our student-teacher ratio is intentionally low.
     We try hard not to separate product from process; how we are together is just as important as what we create together. With patience and concentration, most ventures will have successful outcomes. Also, risk-taking is an important part of learning, and children need to learn how to handle disappointment. With a process approach children learn from mistakes (being less than perfect). They develop confidence as they learn how to ‘problem solve’ and overcome obstacles.
     We have a home-style learning environment that is community-based. We respect the spiritual and emotional integrity of each child. We offer each child the chance to enter learning experiences in an unhurried and exploratory way. The outcome is a well-rounded growth in capability and a deepening sense of self.
     We strike a balance between teacher-initiated activities and student-initiated activities at various learning stations: We continually see the rewards of multi-age interactions. We foster a classroom culture of the older children helping and including the younger children. A lot of love and learning stems from this dynamic. Our approach is to live with the ideals that help families prosper. We foster compassionate children by receiving them in reverence, educating them with love, and sending them forth in freedom.