Signed enrollment forms are required by August 1st, 
please submit at your earliest convenience.

We enroll children who are 3 years of age by September 1 of the
enrolled school year,
and are required to be fully potty trained.

COVID-19 CDC Guidelines Questions and Answers Link: Maine CDC

COVID-19 Policy 

Protocol is subject to change and we generally follow Maine CDC and AAP guidelines for any exposures or positive cases, with input from our health consultant, DOE and public school officials. 
We want to provide a high standard of care and compassion for our fellow classmates, staff and families with these policies during this unprecedented time. 

We may shift our protocol to best maintain the health of our young community and we appreciate your ongoing support. 

Presently (September 2022), if a child tests positive for COVID 19,  we require a home quarantine time of 5 days before returning to school. After 5 days, if they are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID, they may return if they are fully capable of wearing a mask while indoors for the next 5 days.

*Masks are optional indoors at this time: unless the person is feeling at all unwell or has someone with an active case of COVID living in their home.
In the event that a child or staff member lives with someone experiencing COVID, they are required to wear a mask for 10 days while indoors at school and test as recommened, and/or test if they develop any symptoms. 

Staff is fully vaccinated 
We will use a layered approach of ventilation, hand washing, disinfecting surfaces daily and simply staying outside.
*These protocols are subject to change.