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Appletree School Calendar 
2017 – 2018
  Wednesday the 6th and Thursday the 7th - Half days
  Friday, Sept. 8th- first full day Friday students
  Monday, Sept. 11th- first full day all students
  Monday the 9th- No school/Columbus Day
  Wednesday the 18th- Half day/noon pick up
  Friday the 10th – No school/Veterans Day
  Wednesday the 15th- Half day/noon pick up
  Wednesday the 22nd– Friday the 24th – No school/Thanksgiving
As the season changes to snow, it's important to know that we do not make up snow days. We follow the Cape Elizabeth School Department cancellation and delay announcements. 
  Friday the 22nd- No School
  Monday the 25th – Monday Jan. 1st - No school/Holiday Vacation
  January 2018
  Tuesday, Jan 2nd - First day back after break. Welcome Back!
  Monday the 15th – No school/Martin Luther King Day
  Wednesday the 24th- Half day/noon pick up
  February 19th – 23rd School Vacation
  Wednesday the 21st - Half day/noon pick up
  Friday the 13th – 20th-Spring Vacation
  Wednesday the 16th - Half day/noon pick up
  Monday the 28th– No school/Memorial Day
  Thursday the 14th- Half day/noon pick up/last day of school