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Appletree School Calendar 
2017 – 2018
  Wednesday the 6th and Thursday the 7th - Half days
  Friday, Sept. 8th- first full day Friday students
  Monday, Sept. 11th- first full day all students
  Monday the 9th- No school/Columbus Day
  Wednesday the 18th- Half day/noon pick up
  Friday the 10th – No school/Veterans Day
  Wednesday the 15th- Half day/noon pick up
  Wednesday the 22nd– Friday the 24th – No school/Thanksgiving
  Friday the 22nd- No School
  Monday the 25th – Monday Jan. 1st - No school/Holiday Vacation
  January 2018
  Tuesday, Jan 2nd - First day back after break. Welcome Back!
  Monday the 15th – No school/Martin Luther King Day
  Wednesday the 24th- Half day/noon pick up
  February 19th – 23rd School Vacation
  Wednesday the 21st - Half day/noon pick up
  Friday the 13th – 20th-Spring Vacation
  Wednesday the 16th - Half day/noon pick up
  Monday the 28th– No school/Memorial Day
  Thursday the 14th- Half day/noon pick up/last day of school