PAMELA  - Appletree Founder

Pamela grew up on a family run dairy farm in Kittery, Maine. She often shares stories of life growing up in a Swedish family of 9 children; 7 brothers and 1 sister. She learned early on how the head, heart and hand together help to form the whole child. These values and early lessons are present each day in her teaching approach. Pamela happy childhood memories help to supply her with a fountain of energy and joy that bubbles continuously.

As a child care provider and a teacher since 1988, Pamela finds a constant supply of fun in educational things to do at Appletree School and nearby in the community. Her deep farming roots are an integral part of Appletree School. Due to her own farming experience, she is a member and proud supporter of the Cape Farm Alliance ( that engages young people in agricultural activities and raises awareness about local farming, fishing and food. Additionally, Pamela ingenuity and resourcefulness are coupled with a sense of play and enthusiasm which she brings to her hospice work through VNA Home Health and Hospice.

Pamela's large extended family includes two grown daughters, Isabel and Elsa, who also enjoy spending time in downeast Maine when they are not in Cape Elizabeth and the greater Portland area. Pamela enjoys family time, tending gardens and hard work. She is very proud of Appletree School!


Amy has been a teacher at Appletree School since 2003. Growing up in Freeport, she spent many years working with children in the community and decided to focus on teaching in college graduating with an Early Childhood Degree.

Amy loves being part of the multi aged program that Appletree offers. She believes the multi aged classroom helps nurture childrens flexibility, Social emotional development and friendships. She also loves the philosophy of having the outdoor classroom accessible for children to explore in, create in and work in. The outdoor setting and natural environment at Appletree brings so much curiosity and wonder to young children.

CARRIE  - Appletree Lead Teacher/Director

Carrie has over 30 years of early childhood experience. Starting her career at The Children’s Museum, Carrie continued her work at The University of Southern Maine and University of New England as both Head Teacher and college instructor to student teachers. Carrie has taught in a variety of settings from the Head Start classroom to Parent Cooperatives, most recently as Program Director at the Children’s Nursery School in Portland.

Carrie is part of a local group of educators who share a common interest in the Reggio Emilia approach (PARC: Portland Area Reggio Collaboration). Through monthly study group and yearly retreats and conferences, Carrie is both a teacher and a student. Carrie works with children and families in the spirit of the "Reggio" Way, respecting and nurturing their interests. She listens, reflects and uses the environment as a tool for teaching and lengthening a child's natural curiosity.

Carrie believes Appletree School is the ideal school for both the teacher and young children. It is here that children will be surrounded by beauty and new experiences. The physical setting naturally peaks the imagination and wonder in Maine seasons and love of the outdoors. The outdoor educational environment is important to Carrie. She plans to foster the love of nature, learning and building healthy character and relationships with young children. Carrie has two grown children, Zoe and Hans.


Molly grew up in Buxton, Maine where she has lived most of her life. She recently moved to Portland a few years ago to attend school at Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) located in South Portland, Maine. Last spring, Molly graduated from SMCC with an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Very early on, Molly discovered she had a strong passion for working with young children after growing up babysitting for her two younger brothers. After high school, she had an opportunity to nanny two children for a year. Molly always found young children to be a fun age group to teach and work with. She loves their curiosity and energy that the children bring into the classroom every day. She is furthering her education by attending the University of Maine Farmington (UMF) Bachelor's Program in Early Childhood Education. She has taken a special interest in Appletree School, due to it’s strong focus on the outdoors and nature.

Molly loves adventures and constantly being outside. In her spare time she can be seen hiking, biking, camping, or kayaking around Maine. One of Molly's favorite places to camp each summer is Acadia National Park.


Originally from Belgium, Caroline attended the Brussels Academy of Fines Arts for high school where she studied dance. Even though ballet was a true passion, she always had a dream of working in Africa and having a meaningful career.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in primary education and upon graduating, spent two years in Kigali, Rwanda, working as the head teacher of a 5th grade class. In her spare time, she taught French, her native language, in a local Rwandan school, and kept her passion for dance alive by teaching ballet. She later moved to Boston where she taught French to children from French-speaking families. Caroline moved to California shortly after, where she decided to take a break from the world of education to raise her two children. In her free time, when she's not playing with her daughter and her son, she loves hiking, working out, reading books and writing poetry.

Meet Our Teachers

Amy brings spanish into the daily curriculum as well as mixing literacy with cooking and exploring recipes with our weekly "Cooking with a Book” day. She believes immersing children in rich learning experiences is important in early childhood. Amy lives in Portland with her husband Geoff and their 2 children Caleb and Chloe, who attended Appletree School through their preschool years.

Lindsay has always had a special place in her heart for the wonder of toddlers and preschoolers; she loves noticing and supporting their growing ability to communicate and nurturing their curiosity. After growing up in Cape Elizabeth, she chose to attend Tufts University in Medford, MA and their Eliot Pearson Department of Child Study.

Juliette is a proud lifelong Mainer! She grew up on the mid coast, and now calls Portland home. She attended the University of Southern Maine and studied community art education, with a concentration in Ceramics. Through internships, she found that she loved teaching young children, especially when observing their confidence and exploration when creating art. She saw that through art, the children tested their boundaries and weren't afraid to make mistakes as they played. 


Kristina is so excited to join the teaching team at Appletree School.  She feels grateful to be able to experience all the joys of the natural world with young children in a place as beautiful as Cape Elizabeth.

Kristina has always been involved with educating young children, through Girl Scouts and childcare, and after earning her degree in Early Childhood Education; teaching Preschool and Kindergarten. 

Lindsay went on to teach second grade and kindergarten in public schools in the Boston area, and decided to focus her graduate study on Literacy Curriculum and Instruction at Lesley University.  After taking time away from teaching to work for a national literacy nonprofit, and as an education writer and consultant, she’s thrilled to return to her early childhood “roots” to focus on play-based, experiential learning at Appletree – even more meaningful now that she’s been a preschool parent! She looks forward to sharing her passion for supporting children’s early language and literacy development with the school community. Lindsay lives in Cape Elizabeth with her husband Austin and children Connor, Andrew, Miles, and Natalie – past, present, and future joyful Appletree students!

She loves to share in children’s creativity, diving into ongoing art projects, developing children’s love of storytelling, and inventing songs for every occasion. Kristina lives in Cape Elizabeth with her family. Outside of the classroom she loves reading, crafting, cooking, and boating with her 3 children, Lotus, Easton, and Quinn.

After graduating in 2016 she traveled in Central America and working through Wwoof, a volunteer farming program in Puerto Rico. In 2018 she found her way back to teaching in Maine and is excited to join Appletree to become a part of a school that focuses on the importance of the outdoor classroom. 

When Juliette is not teaching she enjoys hiking, gardening, and golfing with friends and family.

She was inspired to pursue early childhood teaching by her time at one of the university's lab preschools. She also studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a focus on the Scandinavian approach to early childhood education.

Our child-centered program is built by our experienced teachers to fit ever-changing developmental, emotional, and academic needs of our students.  We have the gift of an outdoor classroom and play area, as well as a bright and engaging indoor learning space.  Our independent status invites creativity and joy into our curriculum, and allows us to focus on the arts and sciences, as well as literacy and math.

The teachers at Appletree School in Cape Elizabeth, Maine favor an experiential, hands-on approach to teaching preschool, believing that this is the best way to meet the needs of body, mind and spirit.